Jetset: A Game for Airports Відгуки

Tried to buy

But it won't even load on iPhone says installing but icon does not show up for app

Hilarious and fun

…and works fine on my iPhone 4 with OS 5 as well. Any game that has a political message (okay, one that I agree with) and is fun to play is okay by me.

What's wrong with "location services"?

As a frequent traveller I'm addicted to this game... But what happened to the location finder? Argh!!! It no longer knows where I am. Please, please fix!

Broken and sad

This app rocked but it is broken in iOS 4!!!! Please fix Was 5 stars!!!!!

Fix 4.0

Fix for 4.0!!!!!!


A great app, very cool feature where you can travel to airports to get souvineers. I love it. It makes you think. Overall great app!! P E A C E

Challenging and off-the-wall!

This game is a challenge, just as others have said. But what I love is this game's quirkiness! No joke, once (and only once so far) a man walked through the line totally NAKED, and then I got a Rights Violation because clothes were allowed! It is strange that it hasn't happened again...maybe I was just hallucinating. Anywho, make sure you check out the souveniers--the snowglobes all have interesting facts printed on the bottom of them. I can't wait to go to some other airports so I can unlock some more souveniers, and see how I stack up against the local folks! Just one question--when will there be some more games like this from you? 

Great idea. Funny. Some issues. (v.1.3)

Hilarious idea. ("Bacon is now prohibited"). Nice airport sounds in the background. Takes a few minutes to get the hang of it. Interface problems: Touching the center of the screen makes the game pause (sometimes an alert appears and I, out of habit, touch it to make it go away (it disappears automatically) and the game pauses. Make pausing the game a discrete button. Move the "Rights Violation" alert to the bottom half of the screen. Move the "Prohibited item" alert towards the top so they don't collide.


I originally gave Jetset 5 stars. Now having spent more time with the game, it's been more of a frustrating experience. The great things: Innovative concept, UI, Sound, Unlockable souvenirs at different airports, Location based for high score battles. The good things: Difficulty increases quickly. Lasting appeal. The bad/frustratiing/want to throw my iPhone at a wall things: Not going to get into details about the stability of the game (it's manageable). By far the most frustrating aspect of the game is the timing between regulation changes and hitting "proceed". Like I said, the concept is great. Making sure you add/remove prohibited and non-prohibited items (rights violations) is the most entertaining part of the game, however, that excitement and challenge is thrown out the window when the game quickly changes to a timing battle between regulation changes and hitting the "proceed" button at the same time. Your focused attention is routed to when to push the "proceed" button versus what items passengers can/cannot pass with. Persuasive Games tried to adjust the timing with their update by adding the "Unreasonable Fairness" setting. I have to say the timing needs to be adjusted again. Maybe by adding a timing scale for those who enjoy the quick changes and for those who want to focus more on prohibited/non-prohibited items. Overall: Great for $0.99, but you'll soon be frustrated at the timing of regulation changes and when you allow a passenger to pass through. Until that is fixed, changing the rating from 5 stars to 3 stars.

If you like root canal surgery...

I travel a lot and thought this would be fun. But it turned out to be a waste of $3.99. It just reminded me of why I hate going through security at airports. Suduko with a can of aerosol cheese would have been more fun.

I hate the TSA but...

this game is worth about 3 minutes of fun. It 'prohibits' items right as you approve passengers so you can't avoid making errors

Jetset !!

I'll start of by saying that Jetset: A Game for Airports is a GREAT game. At first, it seems confusing, but then when you read the rules it's really fun. I'd recommend it.


The game isn't all too bad. Fun. Great concept... But super irritating when right as you're about to press proceed the darn rule changes on you and then you're penalized! I don't know whether I should be super cautious and slow down or if I should pick up the speed a couple gears. All in all... It's pretty challenging. But mostly from trying to beat the rule master before he switched it up on me mid-search!


It's pretty frustrating when the regulations change the split second before you accept a passenger. Can be fun up until that point.

TSA - The Game!!

Of course the rules change suddenly - this is the TSA! It's really frustrating, thank you, but very funny. Great work!!!

Really good

Almost great... Very smart tying high scores and unlockables to airports, but the difficulty ramps up pretty fast. Also it's very frustrating when the restricted items change the instant before your finger pushes the proceed button

Awesome satire

This is a great little game that mocks the spectacle that is airport security.

Great game, but is it buggy?

Jetset seems like a fun game, but it also seems like its a bit buggy. Sometimes Its hard to tap the shoes and when I tap the shoes and hit proceed, at that same time shoes are permitted so im penalized. So is it challenging? ok, it is, but does it seem fair or good playability? No. if a person is at a gate and a change is made to the restrictions, the passenger should work off the old restrictions, not the new ones. Anyways, a lot of fun, quirky and super slick. GREAT JOB!

Payed to much

The game is ok but not worth the 5 bucks.


This is awesome get it!!!!!

Brilliant idea for game

This is an awesome example of art as video gaming, great work guys, I hope to see many more games that help us view our lives in new ways, to give us experiences that we could not these games!


This is amazing, i now understand the plight of modern air travel from the side of both the traveler and the highly trained TSA personnel. In these days of 9/11 hangovers, it takes a game like this to make us laugh at ourselves!

Good Game

This is a simple but fun tower defense style game. Quick to get in and out of, excellent for killing time at the airport.


This game is too much fun. Sometimes the rules chamge quick but excellent graphics funny nice intergration to facebook. Not bad for the price! Great for those who find humor in the TSA.

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